1.Fast cutting speed, high precission and low cost.

2.The machine is easy to operate and durable for use.

3.The cutting incision is thin and tidity and can avoid the second processing.

4.High configurated CNC system,quto arc-striking and stable performance.

5.Together with other advertising equipments, they form an advertisment producing line which compeletly solve the problem of traditional manual mode.

6.Can cut metal plate of advertising 3D lighting letter and flute profile letter with high cutting precision.

7.Supported standard G code router files taht made by software such as ARTCUT, CAXA, ARTCAM and TYPE3. Converted by certain software, it can also read DXF file that out of AUTOCAD.The control systme,adopting U flash disk to change the processing files,is easy and convenient to operate.

Tehnički parametar

Radno područje1300*2500
Debljina sečenja(40A)0.5-10mm   (120A)3-6mm   (200A)3-25mm
Brzina sečenja0-8000mm / min
Brzina kretanja0-50000mm / min
Ulazni napon3 Phase380V
Frekvencija napajanja50HZ
Prijenos datotekaUSB

Primjenjive industrije

Shipping building,construction equipment, transport equipment,aerospace industry,bridge building,military industrial,wind power, structural steel,boiler containers, agriculture machinary,chassis electrical cabinets, elevator manufacturers,texttil machinery,environmental protection equipment,etc.

Primjenjivi materijali

Aluminum,copper,tianium,nickel,iron,galvanized sheet,white steel,tianium plate,carbon steel,stainless steel, alloy steel , composite metal

Our Principle: Good quality is the life of our company;

new technology is the basis of our development;

innovation is the key of our progress; and good after-sales service gains wide markets for us.

Prije prodaje

1.Preporučićemo najprikladniju mašinu prema vašim zahtjevima. Mašina se takođe može prilagoditi.

2.Uzorci se rade besplatno. Napravit će se videozapisi i slike kako bi se zabilježio cijeli postupak kako stroj radi. Sve ovo ćemo vam poslati pravovremeno, da vam pomognete da u potpunosti razumijete stroj.

3.Besplatna obuka za rad sa mašinom. Biće obezbeđeni video snimci i datoteke.

4.Svaki zahtjevi ili pitanja biće odgovorena pravovremeno kako biste uštedjeli vaše vrijeme i troškove.

5.Besplatna instalacija i testiranje prije slanja i besplatne obuke za operatere.

Poslije prodaje

1. Pravovremeno informišite o procesu proizvodnje i transportnim podacima o mašini.

2.Livno i brzo tehnički vodič i rješenje u roku od 24 sata putem e-pošte i web-a, msn ili skype-a!

3.Jednogodišnja garancija za cijeli stroj.

4. Inženjeri dostupni za prekomorske usluge.


Q1. How to get the most suitable machine?

A:Please tell me

1.What is the material you want to working on?

2. How to working on it ? Engraving ? Cutting ? Or other

3. What’s the MAX size of these material ?( length ? Width ? Thickness ?)

Then we can recommend a suitable machine for you.

Q2: Do you have the manual of machine?

A:Yes,we have, both electric and paper ones.

Q3. If we donot know how to use the machine, can you teach us?

A:Yes,we will . If you come to China,we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely. And if you are busy ,we will have the special engineer to your country,but you need to bear some fees,like tickets and hotel and meal.

Q4. About price and quality?

A: Good quality is our first rule, andCE, FDA, ISO standard Competitive price is our big advantage.

Q5. What’s the maintenance of the machine?

A:1. About laser tube, when you do not use the machine, please let the water out from the output light side.

2. About water chiller, when you put water into it, please keep water clean, after long time work,

it’s better to change the water.

3. About the lens and mirrors. Please keep the lens clean when you work with the machine, clean the lens, every day or every day three times as per your work quantity.

Q6.What's the service I can get if I buy your machine?

A:Normally we give online support to our valuable customer, and we think online support is more than enough: with excellent technical documents and FAQ database, customers can trouble shoot and get the problem fixed in time, as for hardware failure, we would guide customer to get the proper replacement in most timely manner, make sure the production would not be hampered.

On site service can also be given case by case.