Application of portable cnc plasma cutting machine

This product is an economic, easy-to-use operation and maintenance type CNC flame &plasma cutting machine which is devoted to many kinds of metal sheet cutting. To achieve a variety of metal materials by any graphic material cutting, cut roughness up to 25, after cutting the cut surface under normal circumstances does not require processing on the surface. With a high degree of automation, easy-to-use, high accuracy, high reliability and low price, operation, maintenance etc is very simple and widely applicable to the manufacture of machine tool, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, engineering and mining machinery, electric power, bridge building and steel industries etc.

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Brzi detalji

Stanje: Novo
Mjesto porijekla: Kina (kopno)
Napon: 220V
Rated Power: 150w
Dimenzija (D * Š * V): 2500 * 3000 * 3500
Težina: 120kg
Garancija: 1 godina
Dostavljena usluga: Nije pružena usluga u inostranstvu
Efektivna dužina sečenja: 1500 * 3000mm
Boja: Crvena / žuta
Control system: starCAM Control System/FangLing Shape Control System
Način sečenja: Sečenje plazme / oksi-goriva
Materijal za rezanje: Metalni materijal / čelična ploča
Debljina sečenja: 6mm-200mm
Brzina rezanja: 1-3000mm / Min
softver za gniježđenje: StarCam / FastCAM / TYPE3
Snaga plazme: 100 A LGK snaga
Preciznost sečenja: ± 0,5